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■2010年2月27日 PM11:54
What are you motivated from?

Twenties are motivated by good relationship on work environment.
Thirties are different. Women are motivated by good relationship as well as twenties, but men are motivated by their job itself.

Men don't feel anything but women feel good when they get something nice.

Don't be such a baby, baby!!

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■2010年2月27日 PM11:53


I've got 20. but I don't give a fuck it's not your 20!!
One thing at a time. You keep that!!
It's rocket science..
A double, please~~!!
Slow but steady wins the race!!
Make some noise yo----!!
Keep the momentum going!!
That floored me..
Stay tuned!!

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■2006年12月9日 PM6:02
The first step - Von Voyage!!

I think practice makes perfect. So I decided to post at least one article a day written in English. How do you deal with such a big project? Hey, I use the site blow. Check it out!!

The site has been established for people who want to study English. There are lots of quizzes. How could I pass it up? Of course, NO!! Just solve a quiz a day, it will take you to another world. I believe!!

See you later, alligator!!

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