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regard - 事、注視、観点、敬意 ≒ topic/view/respect
regard ≒ topic/view/respect
Give my regards to your husband.
with regard to …に関しては, …についてはin regard to(…に関しては)without regard to(…にかかわらず)regarding(…に関して)as regards(…に関して)with due regard to(…を十分考慮して)out of regard for(…を考えて)
With regard to buying fruits in Japan, we face challenges.I’m writing with regard to the questions.This is particularly true in regard to Japan.The scholarships will be awarded without regard to national origin.Regarding the proposal to reinvest all profits, it was felt that further discussion was needed.As regards a cure for the disease, very few advances have been made.Trips are carefully planned with due regard to safety.People act out of regard for their shared interests.英語のwith regard toの使い方!in regard to や regarding との違いもわかりやすく説明! (
in terms ofrelating toaboutonin thatas to
With reference toWith respect toConcerningAs far as ... is concerned
as for-wise
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禁じる - help
help には助ける以外に禁じるがある。
I couldn't help borrowing 100,000 yen from him.私は彼から10万円借りずにはいられなかった。
I cannot help laughing. (I can't help but laugh out loud.)笑わずにはいられない。

cannot help doing = cannot help but do
右のnot butは実行したことが分かり易いが、左のcannot help doingは実行したことが分かりにくいが実行する(実行している)

I cannot help it. I bit my nails in the situation.I had to stay home. I couldn't help it.私としては抗えないよ。(仕方がない、どうしようもない、我慢できない)

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違う意味を持つ単語 - Profound words
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school 魚の群れ
sound ぐっすりと寝るwell 井戸will 遺言書big hand 拍手
room temperature 常温、室温 Can I have Japanese sake at room temperature?
rain check また今度ね、雨天引換券、売り切れ特売品後日購買券 Can I take a rain check? Give me a rain-check.
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