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比較と倍数 - Comparative degree & Multiple

This bag is as heavy as that one.
He has as many books as my father (has).
She can speak German as fluently as French and English.
異型)This dog is the same size as that one.

///A is 倍数 as 原級 as B
he is three quaters as heavy as I am.

///A is 倍数 + the + 名詞 + of B.
This box is quarter as large as that one.
(=This box is quarter the size of that one.)

He has about five times as many books as I do.
(=He has about five times the number of books compared with me.)

/// A do N times + 比較級 than …
She can sing ten times better than the singer.

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■2015年4月17日 AM12:15


Arguably the grossest fast food chain will now deliver.
「Arguably」「grossest」「fast food」3語から映像と英文をフラッシュバックさせる


- えいごたん


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■2014年7月5日 AM1:45
同格のthat - Apposition That

  I know that Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.
  It's natural that he should do so.

[so that構文]のthatは副詞節を導く接続詞でso 形容詞/副詞 that+S+V
  The bag was so heavy that she couldn't carry it.

[it that構文]のitを仮目的語、that以下を真の目的語と呼び、thatは接続詞で名詞節のthat節を導く
  I found it difficult that we solve the problem.

 She heard the news that made her happy.

 She heard the news that her son had won the game.

抽象名詞 + that SV ~


discovery(発見), advice(忠告),agreement(合意),assumption(仮定),belief(考え),conclusion(結論), promise(約束), saying(格言),thought(考え),report(報告), statement(発言), information(情報), instruction(指示),notice(通告), announcement(告知), argument(議論), claim(主張),explanation(説明),assertion(主張), knowledge(知識), thought(思想), proposition(提案),suggestion(提案),demand(要求), need(必要), desire(欲望), order(命令), assumption(仮定), decision(決定), determination(決意), fear(不安), feeling(感情), realization(認識), recognition(認識),understanding(理解), comment(意見), complaint(不満), belief(信念) ,hope(希望),question(疑問),remark(意見), fact(事実), advantage(利点), chance(機会), evidence(証拠), likelihood(可能性), possibility(可能性), probability(見込み), truth(真実), news(ニュース), rumor(噂), theory(理論), opinion(意見), notion(見解), idea(考え), conception(概念), anxiety(不安), impression(印象), observation(観察), etc


opportunity(機会), chance(機会) , image(イメージ) , character(特徴), right(権利), experience(経験) etc


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