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■2010年2月28日 AM12:11
英語で説明書 - How to attach the movie onto your blog


A instruction to attach a Quicktime movie on your blog. QT movie is so heavy to play though..
1) first, put the movie file on a server or webservice such as yahoo brief case.
2) second, copy the url and check the movie's size, width and height.
3) third, write code as [[embed(http://url,0 width=x height=y)]] on your blog.
you have to add more 10px to the height for QT player's menu bar, also check the use wiki box.

That's it.

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■2010年2月28日 AM12:11
電話に出る - Answering the telephone


I'll get it. / I'll answer it.
Hello. Jameson Associates. How can I help you?
Hold on a minute, please. / Just a moment, please. / One moment.
Mr. Jones, Dr. Freeman is on the phone.
There was a call from Mr. Wolf half an hour ago.
He is on another line.
I'll go and get her.
I'll let him call you back when he's back.
His assistant will speak with you.
I'll connect you to the service department. / I'll put you through to Mr. kevin.
She'll be back at around three o'clock.
I'm afraid she's not in at the moment.
He's not at his desk.
Sorry, She's off today. / He's on vacation. / He's on a business trip.
I'm sorry, but he's left the office for the day.
He's out for lunch at the moment.
He'll be back on Friday.
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Would you like to leave a message? I'll give him your message.
Hang up and wait. please. / Would you hang up? I'll ask him to call you back.
Who's calling, please. / Who am I speaking to?
Can you spell it for me.
I'll call him straight away / right away / immediately / at once.
You must have the wrong number.
I'm sorry? / Excuse me? / Pardon me?/ Could you say that again?
We were cut off. / The line was disconnected.
I'm sorry, but there's no one called Matsumoto here.
We are not interested..
Thank you for calling.

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■2010年2月28日 AM12:10
英文メール - Sending e-mail

The technique of writing email in English comes from your mind.

You should respect their language, English and write as polite as possible you can when Japanese, who is not good at English, send email to native speaker. It would show that you are good business man. We tend to think that native speaker write casual and broken English with their emotions, sometimes right, but as for letters, it is needed to control your emotions and with cool-headed for avoiding inexpert English. Keep in mind that international communication is not in high context. And be sure to add the reason to your email.

- 2段下から丁寧に言う
- 感情を抑え冷静な文章にする
- 物事の理由を必ず添える
- 正しい論理にする
- ソフトな表現を心がける
- ダイナミックな表現にする

- I wonder if you could permit me to visit your research center.
- Please let me have your reply by the end of October.
- I would appreciate it if you could reply by the end of October.
- Could it be possible to reply by the end of October?
- May I ask you to reply by the end of October?
- Could you reply by the end of October?

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