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Rock Will Never Die
[Click for image]-UUUKKK ブブブリリリテテティィィッッッシシシュュュ RRRoooccckkkeeerrrsss


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The impression of Europe 2
[Click for image]How to travel around Europe

A book of Tohmas cook and a Arukikata will save your travel. Reconfirming your plan using these books keeps you calm even if you ask at clerks in stations or information. In any case, Maps in the books. You can find a hotel wherever you are it costs 30 to 50 Euro even at night because travel is the main business for almost countries in Europe. Approx 20 Euro for YH.

Very clean, peaceful and equality. There was nobody meddlesome. It seems like machine-like but I feel comfortable so much. I realized comfort is close to machine-like. Indeed I went to the Red cross, UN and Rolex!!

グーテンターク(こんにちは)、ダンケシェ(ありがとう)、チェス(さようなら)。I know European don't like Japanese but German is terrible. Some people are actually mean. A few is very kind though. I confused sometimes they laugh even if there is nothing to happen. What did I do anything?? And they get sullen for no reason. I didn't understand them at all!! Guys are really big. They all are like Semmy Schilt from K-1 so that they have huge sausages and drink beer a lot. I don't know why they can create delicate sophisticate things. It comes from the charactoristic of stubborn? Girls are so cute with drooping eyes and balloon-breast, wow!! Price of commodities are not so high. Simple design. You can take on the S-barn with eurail.

Nothing.. I have no impression about this city.. but when I stayed at hotel run by Catholic a sister was so kind. When she touched my heart I wanted to be a christian at the moment..

Tschuess!'ちゅーーーす' I often use this word in good-by time with friends in Japan. I thought it is a kind of slang comes from a japanese yankeeish word but its acctually from Germany. It means 'Good-bye'!! It was surprising thing for me. When a German said to me that word, she seemed a Japanese.. Rigid, closed, they are like Japanese.. Racism lives in their unconsciousness even Adolf Hitler disappered. I watched a movie 'The Great dictator - Charlie Chaplin' since I back from Europe. Germany is the most interesting country for me yet I don't like it.

Monaco is famous for F1 and as known as gorgeous city, but I think its not. Super exclusive cars run in the city though.. Messy.. I lapped the famous course. Uphill and narrow. If you ask me, its just a winding road. Vulgarity!! Richest people in the world make the greatest drivers in the world drive the most expense cars in the world from the greatest racing team in the world at a suck city. As I was back in the teenage when I rode bikes in winding road I was mad in riding. Vulgarity brings real excitement!! Its no doubt Monaco GP is special and kind of immaturity that I love but F1 is matured. 30 min from Nice by train.

Europeans like moto-bikes especially in Italy and Spain. Against expectation, they ride european bikes not made in Japan. BMW, Duca are the top-notch for them. Applilia is next. Piaggio and vespa are more popular for the masses. Lots of replicas with small engine up to 125 were running on the continental like nobby?? [Click for image]
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True Arts
- Art of Poster


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