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性別不明の時 - Unknown gender

Dear Smith-san,
Dear Smith,
Dear Sir or Madam
Dear Sirs or Madams
To whom it may concern
he or she

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法律用語 - Legalese

must, required:~しなければならない、必ず~する

shall not, must not: ~してはいけない(禁止、厳禁)
may not: ~してはいけない(弱い禁止)
should not: ~するべきではない(規律に反する)


■shall: mustと同じ意「~しなければならない」
He shall cooperate with the company.

■may:「~しても良い」という許可を意味する、同義語にbe allowed to, be entitled to
You may see the document without permission.

■subject to: ~に従う、~に影響を受けやすい
Both parties shall be subject to approval of the company.
The terms of the contract are subject to change.

■pursuant to: ~により
The amount of shipment shall be determined pursuant to Article 8.

■at one’s discretion: ~の裁量により
You may decide at your discretion.

■without prejudice to: ~に害を及ぼすことなく
The parties hereto may terminate this Contract without prejudice to any right.

■to the extent: ~の範囲内において
You may use the materials to the extent that they are put in this room.

■expire: 満了する
The Agreement shall expire at the end of this year.

■set forth: 記載する
This Article sets forth purpose of this Agreement.

■responsible for/liable for: 有責である
The party shall be liable for cause of the accident.

■indemnify/hold harmless: 「一方の当事者が他の当事者に対し責任を免除する」という意味
A shall indemnify and hold harmless B from and against complaints from customers.

■provided: 但し~として但し書きに使用される。provided that, やprovided, however, thatとして用いられることが多い。
A and B shall agree with determination of board meeting, provided, however, that the determination must be obtained in advance.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be executed by their duly authorized representatives as of the date first above written.

■in lieu of: ~の代わりに。in place of及びinstead of と同義語
The text in English shall be used in lieu of the one in Vietnamese.

■including, but not limited to, xxx: ~など
Foreign language shall be including, but not limited to English, French, German, Chinese and Russian.

■here-: 基本的に「この契約」と言う意味
herein: 本契約において。in this Agreement
hereinafter: 以後本契約において。ABC Company(hereinafter referred to as "Licensor")以下ライセンサー
hereto:  本契約について。here+to
hereunder: 本契約において。definition hereunderで「本契約の定義」
Hereof:  本契約書の。of this Agreementを意味し、clause hereofで「本契約書の条項」
herewith: 本契約に関連し。「in connection herewith」等と使用され、in connection with this Agreementの意味。

■there-: thereはthis, that, itに置き換えられ、以前に出て来た言葉を指します
thereof: 以前にでてきた事項を指し items thereofは「その事項」there+of
therewith: with thatを意味し、paper attached therewith「それに貼付した書類」
thereafter: after thatを意味し、法律以外の文章でも使用されます。
thereunder: under thatを意味し、「その下に」
thereupon: 「その直後」または「それに関して」

■jointly and severally: 連帯責任を表す
All directors must be liable for establishment of the company jointly and severally.

■otherwise: 別途
Unless otherwise specified herein

■notwithstanding: ~にも関わらず
Notwithstanding the preceding clause, Japanese version shall be prevailing.

■bona fide: 善意に、in good faithと同意語
bona fide third party
The engineer shall repair and remedy the defects in good faith.

■mutatis mutandis: 準用する
This provision shall apply mutatis mutandis to the preceding provision.

■pro rata: 割合に応じて
The rent is paid by pro rata based on the number of day.

■per annum: 1年につき
The interest shall be four percent per annum.

act and deed: 行為
assign and transfer: 譲渡する
due and payable: 支払うべきである、支払期限が到来している
terms and conditions: 条件
true and correct: 正確な
any and all: すべての
each and every: それぞれの
have and hold: 有する
null and void: 無効の
full force and effect: 完全な効力
final and conclusive: 最終的な

by and between: ~により
This Agreement is made and entered into this day of May, 2006, by and between Zebra Corporation and Peacock Co.,Ltd.
本契約は、2006年5月 日付において、Zebra Corporation および Peacock Co., Ltd.の間において締結される。

jurisdiction: 裁判管轄
representations: 事実表明
governing law: 準拠法

■force majeure: 不可抗力。不可抗力には以下が挙げられます。
Act of God: 天変地異
blocade: 封鎖
civil commotion: 市民暴動
earthquake: 地震
epidemics: 伝染病
explosion: 爆発
flood: 洪水
lightning and thunder: 落雷
lockouts: ロックアウト 労働者が雇用条件に同意するまで雇用者が労働者を現場に立ち入らせない
natural disaster: 天災
rebellion: 反乱
riots: 暴動
strikes: ストライキ
war: 戦争

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電話を掛ける - Making the telephone


This is Yoko Ogino. / This is Yoko speaking from Harris studio.
Could I speak to Lydia, please?
I'd like to speak to someone in the Sales department.
Can I have extension 277, please?
Is he back from lunch yet?
When will he be back? / Do you know what time he'll be back?
I'll call him back later. Thank you. bye.
Is there any way I can reach him.
I have to contact her immediately.
Please tell him that Mr.Numata called.
Please tell him to give me a ring when he comes back.
I've been trying to get you all morning.
Nice talking to you.

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