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同格のthat - Apposition That - 2014年7月5日 AM1:45


同格のthat - Apposition That

  I know that Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.
  It's natural that he should do so.

[so that構文]のthatは副詞節を導く接続詞でso 形容詞/副詞 that+S+V
  The bag was so heavy that she couldn't carry it.

[it that構文]のitを仮目的語、that以下を真の目的語と呼び、thatは接続詞で名詞節のthat節を導く
  I found it difficult that we solve the problem.

 She heard the news that made her happy.

 She heard the news that her son had won the game.

抽象名詞 + that SV ~


discovery(発見), advice(忠告),agreement(合意),assumption(仮定),belief(考え),conclusion(結論), promise(約束), saying(格言),thought(考え),report(報告), statement(発言), information(情報), instruction(指示),notice(通告), announcement(告知), argument(議論), claim(主張),explanation(説明),assertion(主張), knowledge(知識), thought(思想), proposition(提案),suggestion(提案),demand(要求), need(必要), desire(欲望), order(命令), assumption(仮定), decision(決定), determination(決意), fear(不安), feeling(感情), realization(認識), recognition(認識),understanding(理解), comment(意見), complaint(不満), belief(信念) ,hope(希望),question(疑問),remark(意見), fact(事実), advantage(利点), chance(機会), evidence(証拠), likelihood(可能性), possibility(可能性), probability(見込み), truth(真実), news(ニュース), rumor(噂), theory(理論), opinion(意見), notion(見解), idea(考え), conception(概念), anxiety(不安), impression(印象), observation(観察), etc


opportunity(機会), chance(機会) , image(イメージ) , character(特徴), right(権利), experience(経験) etc


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