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much と very
muchは主に否定文・疑問文で使われる i have a lot of work to do.
過去分詞を修飾する場合はmuchを使う I'm much obliged to you.
現在分詞を修飾する場合はveryを使う He came up with a very interesting idea.

前置詞句を修飾する場合はfarを使う The assignment seems to be far beyond her ability.

比較級を修飾する場合はmuch / far / alot / lots / yet を使う
He runs much faster than him.
I need a lot more flour to make this dough.
Science is far more than a collection of facts and methods.
She seemed lots better.
It'a yet more difficult problem.
最上級を修飾する場合はby far / veryを使う
She is by far the best student.
I'll be home by five at the very latest.

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