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紛らわしい文法 - Sentence pattern
He requires that bills be paid by then.

he proposed that the convention be held in Chicago.

She is the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen.

//先行詞にthe only,the same,the very,every,allが付いている場合はthatを使う
She is the only person that can speak English.

I will start when he comes.     SV
I don't know when he will come.   SVO

//条件節は確率で接続詞を変える when 100% > if 50%  > in case
when: 確実性の高い未来の出来事
 When rock ice is heated, it turns into water.
if : 不確実な未来の出来事
 If blood pressure becomes too low, the blood will not flow properly.
in case:  万が一に生ずる出来事
 In case anything goes wrong with the product, take it to a nearby authorized shop.

I heard my name was called somewhere.
I heard my name called from somewhere.

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