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倒置 - Inversion


You can help me.  -> Can you halp me?

There is the bird.
Well do I know him.
Into the water jumped the girl with a splash. その少女は水の中へザブンと飛び込んだ。
Out went the light.  明かりが消えた。

Never had I heard such a thing.
No sooner had she left the room than they began to speak ill of her.
Not a bottle did they leave behind.
Little did I dream that I would get the first prize in this contest.
Scarcely had the man seen the policeman when he ran away.
Only when it rains do you feel cool. 雨が降る時しか涼しく感じない。
I seldom see her. → Seldom do I see her.

■So / Neither /Nor + (助)動詞 + 主語
I am happy, so are you. (私は幸せだし、あなたもそうだ。)
I like dogs. So do I.
I don't like cats. -> Nor do I. (私もだ、猫が好きでない)
I wasn’t playing soccer. -> Nor was I.(私もだ、やっていない)
Bob can't go, (and) neither can I.

コメントの主体を以下の形で倒置で表現「…, V+S」あるいは譲歩節「V+S,…」
…, shouted the man.「…、と男はさけんだ。」
Come what may,…「何が起きようとも…」

IFが省略され(助)動詞 + 主語になる。仮定法現在、過去、過去完了等限定せず。
Should it be sunny, I'll go out.
Should anything happen to him, call me at once.
Were I the president, I would use more taxes for the challenged.
Could she marry me.

補語を文頭に置き「C+V+S」の形にして強調する。ただし主語が代名詞の場合には倒置は起こらず「C+S+V」となる。so that, such that構文
So rich is Nancy [ that she can buy anything ].
Such was his anger [ that he lost control of himself ].
It was such a terrible day that we decided not to go. → Such was a terrible day that we decided not to go.

■受身の倒置(PP + be + S)
A girl named Susie was killed in the traffic accident. ->  Killed in the traffic accident was a girl named Susie.

■than~, as~,の部分を強調
She worked hard as most japanese did. → She worked hard as did most japanese.
She spoke more softly than Jack did. → She spoke more softly than did Jack.


■Rough Movement(構文移動)
You'd be so nice to come home to.

It would be so nice to come home to you.


2)To come home to you would be so nice.の変形であり省略がないと考える。
3)You'd be so nice. / if I could come home to you.の合体と考える

Max made his way through the crowd by pushing.

Max pushes his way through the crowd.

That book I have already read.
We take the air around us for granted. ->  The air around us we take for granted.

Though he is as famous as he is, he is very modest.

Being famous as he is, he is very modest.(分詞構文)

Famous as he is, he is very modest.(彼は有名だけれども慎み深い)

Kind as he is, he is not interesting. (彼は優しいけれども、おもしろくない。)
Young as she was, she could understand her friend's sorrow.(彼女は若いけれど、友人の悲しみを理解してあげることができた。)

The pretty twins are so much different in character from one another.
Japan heavily depends for its oil supply upon the regiion called the Middle East.

He can make others known all of his thought.He can make known to others all of his thought.
possibleが前に出た → The Internet made possible a lot of multiplayer online games.

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