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ほとんど - Almost & Most

almost all scientists
almost all of the scientists

almostは副詞なのでAlmost scientistsは駄目

Almost everyone in this class can speak English.

most scientists - 形容詞)全般のほとんど
most of the scientists - 代名詞)特定の中のほとんど

She spends almost all of his money on books.
We're almost there.
That computer is almost useless.
I'm almost 30 years old.
She is almost always busy.

You ate (the) most. あなたが一番食べた
What impressed you most?
She is most diligent. = very
FB is the most popular sport of them all.

Tom got the most points of the four. 4人の中で一番点をとった
Most children like chocolate. たいていの子供はチョコが好き

--pron =pronoun 代名詞
most of the scientists could read the book. ほとんどの科学者がその本を読むことができた

This medicine works most effectively.

My son likes Japanese food most.

Young people will be the ones to get most benefit from this program.
30 people were injured; most were men.

This risk is (the) most likely to occur.

通常は the most + 形容詞 + 名詞
He is the most dangerous person in the world.

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発音記号 - Phonetic symbol

 ʌ [ア] cut
 ӕ [ア]の口で[エ]を発音 map
 ɑ [オ]の口で[ア]を発音 hot (あくびの口で大きめに開ける)
 ə あいまいな音。アクセントがない音節で現れる asleep
 ɔ [オ] talk

 ʃ ship
 ʒ usual
 θ think
 ð mother
 ŋ song
 j you
 tʃ chat
 dʒ Japan

 ɪ i  hit【hɪt】heat【hiːt】大文字は口が大きく[エ]に近い[イ]、小文字は口が小さく[イ]
 ɛ e  bed【bɛd】day【déɪ】大文字は口が大きく[ア]に近い[エ]、小文字は口が小さく[エ]
 ʊ u  pull【pʊl】pool【puːl】大文字は口が大きく[オ]に近い[ウ]、小文字は口が小さく[ウ]

長音記号ː 伸ばす

舌の出る量は、θ > s >  ʃ、 音の出る量は、ʃ > s >  θ
ʃで紛らわしい単語は少ないかも(基本シュなのでsugar, sure) -> θ/s/ʃで迷えばsで発音しておけば
sea,see,C she
sit shit
seat sheet
sip ship
sick thick
mouse mouth
pass path

sing thing
face faith
force fourth
sink think
sort thought
tense tenth
mass math
miss myth
saw thaw
seem theme
some thumb
song thong
use youth
worse worth
gross growth
kiss kith
Norse North
race wraith
seam theme
sigh thigh
sin thin
sore thaw
sought thought
sum thumb
truce truth
moss moth
piss pith
purse Perth
sank thank
sawn thorn
suds thuds
sump thump
symbol thimble

  OU, OW: ア out, bounce, round, down, browse, how 
  AU, AW: オ August, fault, launch, pause, sauce, saw, dawn, crawl 
   これは全部ローでawはアに近い、rは舌根が後ろ rowロウ rawロー lowロウ lawロー
  or: ア゛ word worm
  ar: オ゛->war ward  ア->car guitar 中間ァォ->warn(warning) award wardrobe warm

[ɑ:r]と発音するarの例 ア
  lark  /lɑ:rk/
  hard  /hɑ:rd/
  car  /kɑ:r/
  star  /stɑ:r/
  bar  /bɑ:r/
  far  /fɑ:r/
  guitar /gitɑ:r/

[ər]と発音するarの例 ア
  popular  /pɑpjələr/
  sugar  /ʃugər/
  wear  /weər/

[ɔ:r]と発音するw+arの例 オ゛やァォ
  war  /wɔ:r/
  warn  /wɔ:rn/
  warm  /wɔ:rm/

heard  /hə:rd/ ハード/ハRド(単純Rの音)
hard  /hɑ:rd/ ハァァド/ハァRド(Rの前にア)

æ 短母音 apple sample thank sank
ʌ 短母音 fun sun son sump
ɑ 短母音 box sox
ɑ: 長母音 father sardonic
ɑ:r 長母音 arm sharp shark
ə:r 長母音 learn shirt
ə 短母音 about some
ər 短母音 doctor pusher
i 短母音 it sit think
i: 長母音 easy she
u 短母音 book should
u: 長母音 noon soon sooth soup
e 短母音 egg set
ɔ: 長母音 ball saw
ɔ:r 長母音 more sore
ai 二重母音 nice cyber
aiər 三重母音 fire sire
au 二重母音 now sauna
auər 三重母音 our sour
ei 二重母音 make shade
ɔi 二重母音 boy soy
ou 二重母音 open sow
ju: 長母音 new sewage
iər 二重母音 near sheer shear
uər 二重母音 sure sure
eər 二重母音 air share


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紛らわしい文法 - Sentence pattern
He requires that bills be paid by then.

he proposed that the convention be held in Chicago.

She is the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen.

//先行詞にthe only,the same,the very,every,allが付いている場合はthatを使う
She is the only person that can speak English.

I will start when he comes.     SV
I don't know when he will come.   SVO

//条件節は確率で接続詞を変える when 100% > if 50%  > in case
when: 確実性の高い未来の出来事
 When rock ice is heated, it turns into water.
if : 不確実な未来の出来事
 If blood pressure becomes too low, the blood will not flow properly.
in case:  万が一に生ずる出来事
 In case anything goes wrong with the product, take it to a nearby authorized shop.

I heard my name was called somewhere.
I heard my name called from somewhere.

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