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分詞構文 - Participial Construction


1)時を表す接続詞:「…する時」という意味の when 、「…する後」という意味の after、「…する前」という意味の before
Seeing the drawings, I recalled my childhood. (=When I saw)

2)理由を表す接続詞:「…なので」という意味の as
(Being)Tired, I went to bed at the time.(=As I was tired)
(Being)Written in easy English, the book will be read by many people.(=As the book is written)

3)条件を表す接続詞:「もし…ならば」という意味の if
Turning to the left at the corner, you will find the building.(=If you turn)
The same thing, happening (=if it should happen) in my city, would go crazy.

4)譲歩を表す接続詞:「…だけれども」という意味の though
Accepting your feedback, I still think you cannot express enough.(=Although I accept)
Living near my neighbor, he seldom comes to see me.(=Though he lives)


5)結果を表す接続詞:「…そして」という意味の and
The storm hit the area, causing (=and it caused) great damage.
Foreigners are active in the Japanese stock market, owning (=and they own) more than 20 percent of the shares.

6)付帯状況:「 ~しながら」
Smiling brightly, he extended his hand to me.
A jet flew up into the air, making a great noise.

My bag stolen, I couldn't go there.
It being fine tomorrow, I will go hiking.

Though living next door, I seldom see him.(=Though I live)
While having lunch, we used to talk about sports.(=While we were having)

As I was hit by him, I was very angry.
↓ 分詞構文(副詞節の接続詞と主語が省略)
Being hit by him, I was very angry.
↓ 受動態beingの省略された形の分詞構文
Hit by him, I was very angry.

■Having PP
Having failed several times on it, he succeeded finally. (=After he had failed)

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