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ほとんど - Almost & Most

almost all scientists
almost all of the scientists

almostは副詞なのでAlmost scientistsは駄目

Almost everyone in this class can speak English.

most scientists - 形容詞)全般のほとんど
most of the scientists - 代名詞)特定の中のほとんど

She spends almost all of his money on books.
We're almost there.
That computer is almost useless.
I'm almost 30 years old.
She is almost always busy.

You ate (the) most. あなたが一番食べた
What impressed you most?
She is most diligent. = very
FB is the most popular sport of them all.

Tom got the most points of the four. 4人の中で一番点をとった
Most children like chocolate. たいていの子供はチョコが好き

--pron =pronoun 代名詞
most of the scientists could read the book. ほとんどの科学者がその本を読むことができた

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